Friday, December 30, 2011

Hang time baby!

Hang time!
As promised, here are pictures of my twists.  I used the grab and go method to create my ropes.  I didn't have to add any additional butter to the strands, but I did add MA to my ends and will add Omega Oil to my ends every other day.  There was a time when I would try to create parts for my twists, but that method took entirely too long to finish.  Plus, sometimes I would make a mistake with my parts and would have gaps showing that I wasn't too fond of seeing on my finished look. 

I'll wear these twists for a few days before removing them to wear out.  I want to give my oldest and dearest friend, "Shrinkage", time to arrive and get settled in.   Shrinkage used to be an old nemesis of mine, but not anymore.  I love Shrinkage and like most dear friends,  Shrinkage knows me best and no matter what I do that might upset her (getting rid of her by stretching), she always, always comes back to show me some love.  Some of my best styles I give credit to Shrinkage. Thanks Chica! LOL!!

Now, I didn't always have this much hang time with my twists.  I'll dig up images from my early days and post them, so that you can see my progress over the years. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Opportunity knocking...

My driver’s license is due for renewal shortly, which means my opportunity to re-take a decent picture has finally arrived!  I absolutely hated my last picture.  So, I’ve taken down my twisted bun after wearing this style for 9 days to prepare my tresses for picture day at the local DMV.  I was able to keep my twisted bun looking pretty decent during its run by tying it down nightly with my satin scarf and remembering to tie it up when changing clothes that required pulling items over my head.  Not bad for anyone on the go and you don’t have time to re-style every morning before heading out.   I took the image below with my phone's camera immediately after waking up and removing my scarf.    If you tried out this style, how did you do?

Later I removed the pins to dismantle my bun and I unraveled my twists. My ends feel great.  I then proceeded with a light blow-out of my tresses in preparation for twists. I plan to wear a twist-out for my new picture.  I really do hope that my new driver's license picture will be a good one. 

Because my hair is still moisturized from my initial setting of the twisted bun, I didn't need to add any more butter when creating my new twists.  However, I did add Mane Attraction hair butter to my ends.   I'll post images of my new twists soon!
Asha's Twisted bun on day 9!

Twisted bun dismantled and hair lightly blown out

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Christmas 2011

Christmas...what a wonderful time of the year!  Beautiful decorative lights are everywhere! It's a  time when memorable events that include family dinners, parties, musical concerts and plays are attended and enjoyed by all. It's a time when love shown towards your family and neighbor is at its best.  I simply love it!  What I love even more is how many tend to carry the spirit of this holiday season over into the new year by continuing to showcase their decorative lights at night.  For me, I feel that this symbolize one's gradual transition into the new year.  Holding on to this same spirit of love, all the while preparing for a new hope for the future.  Here's to holding on to that loving feeling that you want to last and last and for expecting great things to come!

Wishing you and your loved ones a very safe and a very blessed Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Oh Snap!

Another passion of mine is photography.  I'll post some of my favorite captured images taken over the years and those captured during upcoming projects.  I hope that you will enjoy!

The image above was taken back in 2004.  I used a very simple editing program to create the look, but at the time did not know about re-sizing images for print.  Too bad as I would have loved to have had this framed.

Being in Style...

Okay, these past few days have been mind boggling to say the least.  I have so much to write about and document that I am still trying to sort it all out.  Over the years that I have been natural I have accumulated hundreds and hundreds of images that have been archived.  When reviewing the images I just can not believe I actually snapped so many pictures.  When looking through the pics I came across these images below and I'm reminded of how back in my early days when posting images of my natural hair journey, I would sometimes include an image to show how I incorporated wearing my natural hair out into my day to day living.  I like to keep things simple, but at the same time I do like to be noticed, then again who doesn't right? :)

My twisted bun

***The actual date for this post is December 17, 2011.***  Entered new data and it updated the date as a new post.  My apologies.

 Here is a style that I frequently wear during the winter months in an effort to protect my ends from the cold air.  Wearing this style also protects my ends from the dry heat when staying indoors. 

I was asked to provide a tutorial for this style and here it is!

1. On freshly washed & conditioned hair I create a horizontal part approximately 3/4'' to 1" from my nape from ear to ear.  2.  I split the row into two vertical sections and begin twisting each section of hair separately.  Each section is about 2" in width. When done I proceed to create a  new row above the first row finished.  The number of vertical sections in this next row is more than the first as the length of the row created is longer.  I continue on in this manner moving upward until I reach my crown.  Once at the crown, the length of the rows parted become shorter and I then begin to configure my twists based upon what look I want when viewed from the front (left side part, right side part, no obvious part). 3. I know that I have this marked as three, but it really is a prep step.  I use both large and small bobby pins to create this look.  Make sure to have these on hand when planning on attempting this style.  4 & 5. After I have completed twisting my strands, I use large alligator clips to pull back the twists as I prepare to sit under a hooded hair dryer.  I sit under the dryer to speed up my hair's air drying time. I usually will sit under the dryer for about 30 - 45 minutes.  After this allotted time my hair is not completely dry, but it is dry enough to begin creating this style.

 6.  Another view of how the twists are pinned back prior to drying.  7. Hair is about 40 - 50 % dry here.  The part I've chosen today is a right side part.  Also, it is at this time I oil my scalp prior to creating the updo.
8.  I now gather three to four twists from my mid top and right side in preparation to create an anchor. 9.  I take the lower twist(s) and wrap it (them) around the other two twists then use a large bobby pin to hold the gathered twists in place.  This is done on the left side of my head as well.
10.  Gather all of the loose twists and begin tucking and folding them into one another to create a bun.  Hold in place with one hand.  11 & 12Use large bobby pins to secure twists in place.  I tend to use a lot as I don't like having pressure headaches brought about by using too few of pins and relying on a small number to keep the twists in place.  13.  Use the smaller bobby pins to do nip tucks or for fly away twist to aide in creating a polished look.

Voila!  You did it!  I have created this style in the past with smaller twists (more than above), however,
as my hair grows longer, I decided to opt for bigger (fewer) twists. Love, peace and happy tresses!

Here are additional views of this style worn out the next day. 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Why, When and How?

My natural hair journey began shortly after my son was teased by his classmates while at daycare for having "ugly, curly, poofy" hair. The daycare personnel called to inform us of what had happened that day and that our son was very upset and crying profusely.  When my DH arrived at the daycare to pick up our son, he noticed several patches of cut hair from our son's head. Because our son's fellow classmates made fun of his hair, in response he took a pair of scissors and attempted to "remove" his "ugly" hair.

When my husband and our son arrived home from daycare, my heart dropped when I saw my son's hair. When our son explained to us how hurt he was to have such "bad" hair and wanted know why couldn't his hair be straight, we knew we had to share with him the beauty of how he was "fearfully and wonderfully made" (Psalms 139:14). It is truly amazing how God's Word of Truth brings about comfort, peace and safety. It also has a way of bringing about conviction.  How could I tell my son how to be proud of his hair and to be confident in wearing his "curly, poofy" hair when I wasn't proud nor confident in displaying my own natural hair?

At the time this event had occurred I was natural, but I was wearing wigs (straight hair) everyday to work, to the mall and other public places. When I would return home, I would take the wig off and wear my natural hair out in the comfort and "safety" of my home. Only my immediate family (husband and son) saw the real me.   Readers, I must confess that the image of me below was taken after coming to grips with who and how God made "me".  There was no way I could say to my son the above yet I still hide behind the wigs, thus I had to help my son understand the importance of what his Dad and I shared with him by becoming a living example.  I stopped wearing the wigs and began to embrace my natural tresses.

Was it easy to go natural? No it wasn't.  You will never hear me say to anyone that my decision to go natural was easy.  As a matter of fact, wearing my natural hair out was probably the most frightening decision I have ever made in my life!  I kept thinking, what are people going to say?  How will they treat me?  How will my wearing my hair this way affect my job (promotions, raises, etc...)?  I was scared.

My first time wearing my natural hair out (about a 1/2" of growth) was to my job.  I arrived at my office and took my seat.  I had several co-workers stop by to ask if everything was okay?  I had questions asked referring to a possible illness.  I even had people comment on what would make me do such a thing if I wasn't sick?  Hearing these comments, among many others, was tough and trying to answer these questions even harder especially when trying to explain it to people who just didn't get it.  However, I learned over time that what doesn't break you only makes you stronger!  Eventually, I did become stronger and more confident in wearing my hair out and didn't feel the need to answer any questions or provide any explanations for my decision to wear my hair in its natural glory. What a great feeling!  Although scary, this decision was the BEST one made and I haven't looked back!  This past summer has marked 15 years of being natural.  Wow, time truly does fly

The picture above is the only picture I could find at this time, but I will look for others.  I didn't take a lot of pictures during my early natural days (not even of my shaven head).  I regret not having done this because there are times when I want to remember what my TWA looked like and I don't have many images.  Also, I still at times can't believe I actually shaved my head, not once but twice and I didn't take a picture of THAT!  What was I thinking! LOL!

Peace and Blessings

Here's a picture of my son's hair today! 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Welcome...I am so happy you stopped by!

Wow! I finally did it! I created my first blog and I am so excited. I have so much to write about and share that I am bursting at the seams. This is my first entry and it really is just about me sharing with you my blog's purpose and that is to keep you in the know on the things I know. It's just that simple! I don't claim to know a lot, but I have learned some very important things during this time that God has allowed me to live my life while here on this planet and hopefully what I've learned will be of some help to you. I will write about things that I feel bring about love, peace and happiness in many aspects of my life.  Also, my blog's title "Love, Peace and Happy Tresses" is a good indication that one of the things that I love is taking great care of my natural tresses.  Although it is not my number one love, it is within my top ten list of things that I do love.  So, in my blog I will also share my natural hair journey with you as well.

Off to sort my topics, images and to do more reading on customizing my blog. I want your visit with me to be an enjoyable time for you!

Peace and Blessings!

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