Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Opportunity knocking...

My driver’s license is due for renewal shortly, which means my opportunity to re-take a decent picture has finally arrived!  I absolutely hated my last picture.  So, I’ve taken down my twisted bun after wearing this style for 9 days to prepare my tresses for picture day at the local DMV.  I was able to keep my twisted bun looking pretty decent during its run by tying it down nightly with my satin scarf and remembering to tie it up when changing clothes that required pulling items over my head.  Not bad for anyone on the go and you don’t have time to re-style every morning before heading out.   I took the image below with my phone's camera immediately after waking up and removing my scarf.    If you tried out this style, how did you do?

Later I removed the pins to dismantle my bun and I unraveled my twists. My ends feel great.  I then proceeded with a light blow-out of my tresses in preparation for twists. I plan to wear a twist-out for my new picture.  I really do hope that my new driver's license picture will be a good one. 

Because my hair is still moisturized from my initial setting of the twisted bun, I didn't need to add any more butter when creating my new twists.  However, I did add Mane Attraction hair butter to my ends.   I'll post images of my new twists soon!
Asha's Twisted bun on day 9!

Twisted bun dismantled and hair lightly blown out


  1. Your hair is amazingly gorgeous. I love how your ends are strong, full and thick. I had to google Mane Attraction hair butter. By the way, you should have a link to your website on this blog. I don't see it...

  2. Hi Jessy and Happy New Year!!!! Thank you for the compliment.
    My website is www.myashas.com

  3. I absolutely love (& want) your hair! Beautiful!


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