Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My twisted bun

***The actual date for this post is December 17, 2011.***  Entered new data and it updated the date as a new post.  My apologies.

 Here is a style that I frequently wear during the winter months in an effort to protect my ends from the cold air.  Wearing this style also protects my ends from the dry heat when staying indoors. 

I was asked to provide a tutorial for this style and here it is!

1. On freshly washed & conditioned hair I create a horizontal part approximately 3/4'' to 1" from my nape from ear to ear.  2.  I split the row into two vertical sections and begin twisting each section of hair separately.  Each section is about 2" in width. When done I proceed to create a  new row above the first row finished.  The number of vertical sections in this next row is more than the first as the length of the row created is longer.  I continue on in this manner moving upward until I reach my crown.  Once at the crown, the length of the rows parted become shorter and I then begin to configure my twists based upon what look I want when viewed from the front (left side part, right side part, no obvious part). 3. I know that I have this marked as three, but it really is a prep step.  I use both large and small bobby pins to create this look.  Make sure to have these on hand when planning on attempting this style.  4 & 5. After I have completed twisting my strands, I use large alligator clips to pull back the twists as I prepare to sit under a hooded hair dryer.  I sit under the dryer to speed up my hair's air drying time. I usually will sit under the dryer for about 30 - 45 minutes.  After this allotted time my hair is not completely dry, but it is dry enough to begin creating this style.

 6.  Another view of how the twists are pinned back prior to drying.  7. Hair is about 40 - 50 % dry here.  The part I've chosen today is a right side part.  Also, it is at this time I oil my scalp prior to creating the updo.
8.  I now gather three to four twists from my mid top and right side in preparation to create an anchor. 9.  I take the lower twist(s) and wrap it (them) around the other two twists then use a large bobby pin to hold the gathered twists in place.  This is done on the left side of my head as well.
10.  Gather all of the loose twists and begin tucking and folding them into one another to create a bun.  Hold in place with one hand.  11 & 12Use large bobby pins to secure twists in place.  I tend to use a lot as I don't like having pressure headaches brought about by using too few of pins and relying on a small number to keep the twists in place.  13.  Use the smaller bobby pins to do nip tucks or for fly away twist to aide in creating a polished look.

Voila!  You did it!  I have created this style in the past with smaller twists (more than above), however,
as my hair grows longer, I decided to opt for bigger (fewer) twists. Love, peace and happy tresses!

Here are additional views of this style worn out the next day. 


  1. This style is so pretty! Thanks for sharing.

  2. the style is very elegant! I love it

  3. Thanks for this! Looks pretty on you - will definitely try on my own hair

  4. i can't believe i found you again, wow. beautiful as


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