Tuesday, January 10, 2012

40 Plus and loving it!

Growing up I've aways heard that a woman is to never reveal her age.  I never heeded to this advice until I hit my mid thirties.  There were those who would inquire, but I wouldn't give them a direct answer.  One day, my sister asked me, after I refused to answer an inquiry, why don't you tell people your age? I  have since realized that every year that God gives me is a blessing.  I now celebrate my added years! 

Day two of twist-out
Leggings are made by Kenar
In celebrating my added years I've come to understand (with help from my Mommy) that as long my mind is still young and my body is still holding up, then shake what your Momma gave you (OK she didn't say that last part).  What she did say was as long as you can wear fitted clothes, short skirts, etc... (within reason), then do so.  Now, it is her advice that I listen to and I am so glad that I did!

When I was in my teens and my parents told me at the time they were in their 40s I thought, wow you guys are old!  Being over 40 is not old.  Now mind you, I may not run as fast as a 20 something year old, but I certainly would like to look as good as one. LOL!!!   In the above images I am wearing my favorite pair of leggings.  I love leggings, but only the type that are thick that feel like I'm wearing tight pants without any creases. I pair them with boots...knee, calf and ankle lengths, and I've also paired them with my favorite Chuck Taylor high-tops. I also like to wear my hair in youthful styles.  Believe it or not, how I wear my hair helps to shape what I will wear on a particular day or for a particular event.  You'll see that as I continue to blog.


  1. You look great! Not just for your age, just great overall, slim, nice skin, etc.

    I hope I look as good at 40 plus, because you do look like you're in your 30s.

  2. HOT! love your style philosophy and I happen to share it. I wear what I like and what looks good on my body. I am not a slave to dress-your-age dogmas.

    These tights look awesome. Would you mind share the brand name with us? Thanks.

  3. Jessy, thank you so much. Wearing what you like and exuding confidence is what it's all about! BTW, the leggings are by Kenar.

  4. I love this blog! As a 33 yr old mom of 5, you are a great inspiration!


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