Thursday, January 26, 2012

Becoming natural changed my life for good!

I absolutely adore chokers!
I was loving my new hair!  I was trying on different clothing and accessories to create a look,  "MY" look. I purchased new clothes and updated items I already had. I had a new sense of boldness and I was ready for the world.

Although I was ready for the world, the world wasn't ready for me wearing my natural hair out.  Those who knew me wanted me to go back to wearing my hair straight.  I even had my husband's friends say to him, "I liked it better when it was straight".  I've heard many negative comments during my early months, especially when wearing my hair in twists, but guess what my response was to all the drama and fuss?  This is MY hair and I wear it they way I choose to please ME.  I had my husband's full support (remember, he shaved my head for me for my second BC) and his love.  Our son loved me as I was.  It was their love and support that helped me stay on my natural journey.  Without their love and support my journey would have been difficult, and for that I am truly grateful.

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