Friday, January 13, 2012

Here's where I'm at...

A few years back I used to participate in posting on-line images and personal experiences of my natural hair journey and did so for a few years.  I no longer have my original on-line photo album, but I do have many of the images documenting my ups and downs, my successes and failures when trying to get it "right" when styling my tresses in their natural form.  I've decided that I will begin sharing with you how I wore my hair when I returned to work following my maternity leave.  During my pregnancy I was on bed rest for 6 months, thus doing anything to my hair was not my main focus.  However, it was during this time my hair grew extremely fast, thus after delivery I had a lot more hair to deal with than before.  My TWA was not so teeny weeny anymore and I did not know what to do with my hair in order to keep my curls soft and moisturized in its curly state.  I tried every product found at the local BSS and nothing worked.  So, I wore it straight until I was fed up with trying to keep it straight during the summer's hot and humid months.  This was when my "natural" journey for me truly began!

With sincere thanks to you all!
Finally, thank you all for your emails and for your wonderful comments.  Please know that I truly appreciate you making your presence known and for your love and support.  Cyber hug!  I want you all to know that I've come a long way since my early days as a natural and my plan is to share with you what I've learned along the way.  There was a time when I wanted to give up being natural and go back to the relaxer, but I'm so grateful to my Mom for telling me to hang in there.  She once said to me, "Don't give up.  You'll find that miracle product soon!"  What I discoverd over the years was that it was more to it than just finding that miracle was So Much More!

Wet set twist-out
 So, with all that being said (well that being written), please stay tuned for the "Chronicles of Love, Peace and Happy Tresses".  Also, as of today, I'm wearing my hair in small wet set twists.  This set of twists will have been in for a week tomorrow.  I've taken a few images and I will publish in my upcoming post.

Again, thank you for your love and support.  Have a very blessed weekend!


  1. Beautiful hair! Can't wait for my twistout to get like that. Just wanted to add you may want to add a watermark to your photos so people can't steal them and claim it's theirs

  2. Thanks. My waterwarks are found in my tresses and all images have embedded copyrights. Thanks for looking out!


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