Wednesday, January 25, 2012

On your mark...get ready...trim!

Okay, I  mentioned yesterday that I gave myself a full blown major cut, but after searching through my photo archives, I noticed that I didn't actually give myself a major cut at this time.  What I noticed from my pics was that I gradually removed/trimmed the straight pieces from my ends in an effort to hold on to some length while my hair grew out.  In order for me to trim accurately, I straightened my hair prior to the trim.

Notice that my hair in the top pic has fullness in the top half section, but is thinner towards the bottom.  This was something I hadn't noticed when only wearing my hair straight as I always wore it in an up-do.  So, I prepared myself mentally to begin the process of obtaining the following:

1.  Having an overall fullness to my tresses
2.  Achieving number one by cutting/trimming my ends.

You'd think someone who had shaven her head twice wouldn't have to mentally prepare to do trims.   LOL!!  The reason I had to prepare myself was because I wasn't sure of what my outcome would be by my cutting/trimming my hair myself when wearing my hair in twists.  When I trim my ends, will I trim too much?  How will my twists look?  My twist-outs? 
Baby steps....I had to remember to take baby steps. 

The second image (above) was taken only a month after the top image.  Notice how the lower half looks fuller compared to the pic on top.  After viewing the second image, I immediately realized that trimming my ends was a GOOD thing.  I noticed that my hair actually retained the length from my hair's growth.  So, I trimmed a bit more hair than I did the previous month and ended up with the following new set of twists below.

Notice above that I still have some straight pieces on my top twists.  They had to go and off they went.  I performed another trim and below was my new twist-out.  I was IN LOVE!

Although it took several trims, I finally achieved my uniformed look and I was on my way! 


  1. The trim really made a difference, it looks like a completely different head of hair when compared to your prior twists out pictures.

    I discovered the same thing when I was transitioning a while back.

  2. Good Morning ALX! Yes, the trimming did make a difference. I understood from studying the top picture that trimming my hair didn't make it grow faster, I was able to see my growth after my trim. I realized that although my hair was growing, my ends were damaged, thus breakage was robbing me of the growth I had achieved. Once all of the damaged ends were removed, I actually saw ny hair's growth!

    When I was a young girl, my mother would always trim my ends on the night of a full moon and I had hair down to my mid back as a little girl. Not sure if trimming on the night of a full moon made any difference, but having a set time to trim my ends kept my ends healthy and free from split ends and breakage.


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