Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Got a glimpse of spring today, so here's one for the road!

Today's high was 76 degrees!  Wow, winter is pretty much over.  Yes, we will have a couple of cold snaps before Easter, but for the most part spring is around the corner.  However, this past weekend we had some rather cool temperatures, so I wore the ensemble below this past Sunday. 

Soon, I'll begin spring cleaning and packing away my winter clothes, but for now, this look is one for the road!

The boots above are the same I blogged about a few posts earlier. They were a great find that I absolutely love wearing.  I paired the dress with black tights and my favorite scarf.  I am a lover of scarves and chokers.  Have been for years!  I was in a local craft store earlier today to look at different pieces that I could use to create a handmade choker that screams Asha!.   I did not find anything that spoke to me, so I'll be checking another craft store tomorrow.  Hopefully, I will find what I'm looking for as my plan is to have chokers worn in heavy rotation this spring and summer.  I also have a few "shorts" coming as well that I hope you will love!

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