Monday, February 20, 2012

Roller-set... I still have OPTIONS!

Okay, when I was relaxed, I would from time to time style my hair in braids with curlers on the ends to wear a braid-out.  Not sure if this style was called this back in the day (college days), but I loved wearing my hair this way. Now, if I could get away with wearing my relaxed tresses textured, could I wear my textured tresses relaxed via a roller-set?  Back in the day, I would set my freshly washed relaxed hair on magnetic rollers to set and dry.  So, I attempted this same style on my natural tresses.

I used magnetic  rollers and roller clips to set my strands.  I had to move quickly on freshly washed hair to avoid the hair from drying out before I was able to get to it to roll up.  Each section I applied my hair butter then topped it with a holding lotion.  Hair was pulled taught, rolled quickly and held in place with a roller clip on both ends of the roller. 

You can see from the image above my roller-set pattern.  The front side sections were done downward.  In my relaxed days, I would have rolled it going towards the back because I like how after my hair was dry, the hair would be off of my face, but the curls would hang downward.

After my entire head was set, I would sit under the dryer until my hair was completely dry.

Not bad, not bad at all if I do say so myself.  My strands were pretty straight, but my roots were not.  I proceeded to style my hair using a wide tooth comb, but avoided combing the roots of my hair.

The next day, I decided to use my curling irong to straighten my roots and smooth
out my strands a bit.  This look I like a lot better.

This image shows some straight pieces and curls, but again my roots and my strands closest to my roots were still curly.

This image is of my hair the next day after using a curling iron to straighten my roots and to smooth out my strands.  Hair is still curly, but looks more uniformed.

Just another view of the back of my hair. Day one is on top and day two is on the bottom.

Day three I wore it in an updo.  I also wore this style alot during my days when I wore my hair pressed only.  I couldn't believe it!  I had OPTIONS!  If I wanted to wear my hair in twists, I could.  If I wanted to wear a twist-out, I could.  If I wanted to stretch it via a roller-set, I COULD!

Relaxed I had options and as a natural, I STILL HAVE OPTIONS!!! 


  1. You had great results, I have yet to master a rollerset on my natural hair.

  2. Love your rollerset! Very pretty

  3. I'm a new reader of your blog, but the roller set is gorgeous! You have this 1950s je ne se quois about you that's beautiful!

  4. I really like this hair style, did you cut your bangs? I will try this style, what products you used to maintain the straightness?

  5. Hello Cynthia!

    Thank you for visiting and for your comment. Yes, the bangs were cut. Also, once my hair is straight, it pretty much stays this way until I wash. I did however, for this style, use my curling iron (now I would opt for my flat iron instead) to straighten my roots and flatten out my strands a bit for next day wear.

  6. Asha can you make a tutorial on this style?


  7. Hi Cynthia,

    The style above is a chignon. I don't plan to straighten my hair again until late October of this year so I won't be able to do a tutorial anytime soon. Also, not sure if after doing a tutorial that my hair would look the same as my hair is much longer now too.

    Because I won't be straightening my strands for a while, try doing a search on-line for how to's on making chignons. There are so many out there to choose from.



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