Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sealed with a K.I.S.S.

I've been asked, "What is you hair regimen"?  It's K.eep I.t S.imple. S.ugar!  I'm all about KISSing! And one is in the act of sharing when they K.I.S.S., so here's the scoop:

Wash Day (loose hair):

1.  Divide hair into two sections from a part created in the middle and create two big ponytails.
2.  Wet sectioned (left or right) hair thoroughly with water and gently detangle strands with fingers
3.  Apply and wash my scalp and tresses with Rosemary Mint Herbal Shampoo.
4.  I gently detangle my shampoo coated strands with my Denman brush or with a wide tooth comb.
5.  As I detangle, I create smaller sections of hair and place each detangled section of hair into big twists.
6.  Repeat steps 2 - 5 on the other half of sectioned hair.
7.  After hair is in twists, I proceed to rinse out the shampoo from each half section.
8.  I then proceed to condition and seal my strands with Revive.
9.  I proceed with applying either Rosemary Tonic or Silk Rose Elixir as a leave in.
10.  I create my twists or braids using Mane Attraction.
11. Sit under a hooded dryer to set my style for 30 minutes, then air dry for the remaining drying time.
12.  Oil my scalp using Roots .

I wash my hair every two weeks. I may go three weeks (yup, I said three weeks) if I decide to wear a twist-out.  In between washings I use a homemade scalp cleanser made with witch hazel to cleanse my scalp and I use Roots three to four times a week.

Wash Day (Big twists)

Steps 1 - 3 are the same as above.
Step 4 Detangle each shampoo coated twist one by one with my Denman brush or with a wide tooth comb.
Step 5 Hair is already in big twists.
Step 6 same as above.
Step 7 Hair is already in big twists, thus I just rinse out shampoo from strands.
Steps 8 - 9 Same as above
Step 10 I re-create my twists using MA.
Steps 11 - 12 are the same as above.

My favorite wash days are when my hair is in big twists.  Less manipulation and effort is needed when detangling.

My do's and don'ts:


1. Wash hair in sections.  It makes for easier cleansing of the scalp.  My hair is thick.  Also, hair won't tangle up as much.
2.  Take my time when washing and detangling.  Nothing is worse than making progress only to loose it by rough handling of wet strands (they are at their weakest when wet).
3.  Always use a wide tooth comb or my Denman brush to detangle.
4.  Apply herbal shampoo to my scalp first.
5.  Always condition my strands with a herbal tea rinse or with Revive.
6.  Always use a leave-in conditioner
7.  Deep condition strands at least once a month.  I love to use my Honey Dew treatment.
8.  Don't be afraid to trim/dust ends to maintain your end's overall health.
9.  Oil my scalp immediately after coming out from under the hooded dryer.
10.  Wash combs and brushes after shampooing tresses.
11.  Sleep with a satin pillow case and use a satin scarf to wrap hair at night.
11.  This is all I can think of at this time.  I'll update the post with more later.


1. Comb or detangle hair while it's dry.  You are asking for breakage.  Only finger comb the hair to style or use a brush to smooth edges.
2.  Shampoo long hair not sectioned first. Tangle city is where you'll be if you forget to do this.
3.  Brush hair while wet with a bristle hair brush.  I learned the hard way that this is the BEST way to cause breakage.
4.  Sleep on cotton pillowcases.  It robs the strands of moisture making the strands dry, which could lead to breakage.
5.  Be an a hurry to style your hair.  Take your time to treat your tresses right!
6.   It's late (10:30 pm).  If I think of more, I'll update this post.


  1. Great post Asha! Your pictures are beyond gorgeous! Your hair looks so healthy and full of sheen. Although you wrap it with a scarf at night, do you retwist or rebraid? Thanks for sharing!!! :)

  2. Hi Margaret! How are you?

    Thanks. I may or may not re-twist my hair before heading to bed. It really depends upon a few things.

    1. If my hair was set in fat twists, then I'll re-twist in fat twists if I have an engagement or a meeting to attend the next day. If not, then no re-twisting for me.

    2. My braids are done and left in whenever I'm on an exercise kick to lose a few pounds or inches. I don't remove them until wash day or a day it two before. I'll be sporting braids following my next wash day.

    3. If I set my hair in small or medium twists, I don't re-twist at night (I did when my hair was much shorter).

    4. I have wrapped my twist-outs prior to covering with scarf. I'll try to remember to post a how to in a couple if weeks when I wear my next twist out (Valentine dinner date with hubby!)


  3. hey Asha, just a quick clarification. when you say not to brush hair while wet, that doesn't include detangling right?

  4. Hi Kola!

    Thanks for pointing this out. When I say not to brush the hair when wet I mean with a bristle hair brush. I used to do this when setting my wet twists not realizing I was breaking/tearing/ripping my strands. I loved how smooth my hair felt afterwards, but my hair after a while appeared thinner than usual and I contributed this to the brushing of my strands while wet. Ever since I discontinued using this method, over time, my hair regained its thickness. You can and I have detangled with my paddle brush and my Denman brush with no problems. I'll update my post to clarify what type of brushing I'm referring to. Thanks!

  5. Love your blog. Your hair is beautiful! :) Who is the Mane Attraction product by?

  6. Thanks Minty for the lovely comment. Mane Attraction can be found at


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