Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Braids, the new twists!

My current protective style of choice.  Well, not really my style of choice, but rather a style of necessity.  Braids tend to last longer and look neater after working out than my twists.  However, I'm not too fond of braids on me, but that's probably because I'm usually wearing my hair in twists.

Here I've just washed and conditioned my strands and applied MA to the section then proceeded to braid.  The white cream is normal and will disappear once hair begins to dry.

 To move quickly, I always add MA to the back of my hand then emulsify it.  I then take some of the cream from the back of my hand and apply to the strand of hair prior to braiding (or twisting).

Here's a look at my braids after sitting under the hooded dry for 30 minutes.  My hair is not completely dry, thus as always, I will allow the braids to air dry for the remainder of the day.   My wash days are always early in the morning.  That is my "me" time when my family is asleep.  I can move a lot quicker this way without having to stop for, "Where's my ...?", "Can you iron my...?", "Is breakfast ready?", etc...  For my next set of braids I think I'll make them a bit larger.


  1. Good advice in your post about washing your hair early in the morning. This is where I fail- I wash my hair late at night and therefore am too tired to complete protective styles. I have a question though- does the MA make your hair greasy? It looks like a lot on the braid. Is it similar to the Heavenly Hair Creme? Thanks

  2. MA doesn't make my hair greasy. During winter months, I tend to be a bit heavy handed with applying it to my strands for added protection against the cold winds. What you see above is what the cream looks like immediately after it has been applied to the strands. However, hopefully you can see from my braids (once dried) and from the images of my twists and twist-outs, my tresses look anything but greasy. *smile*

    I like for my hair to have movement whether worn curly or straight and this can not be achieved with greasy hair.

    Regarding Heavenly, it has less of a hold than MA. My staple butter is MA. I use it to create all of my braids, twists and outs. I even use it to lay down my edges when wearing my straight hair in ponytails and updo's.



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