Saturday, March 3, 2012

If you still look pretty when you are done...

you did it wrong.  Wow, what a statement!  No more excuses!!!  Gotta start building a healthier, stronger me! 
Thanks Tamrin for the images!

Thanks Tamrin for the image!

Thanks Tamrin for the image!

I saw the above images and I became motivated to begin a new way of thinking about exercising and becoming more fit.   I didn't want to think of exercising as a dreaded chore that needed to be done in order to lose a few pounds.

Recently, my thought process has changed for the better. Today, I want to exercise not only to lose a few pounds or inches when needed, but because it's now a conscience choice on becoming more fit and being strong!  I've decided that my hair has to take a back seat to my fitness program, well...maybe the seat next to my fitness program.  Fitness for my body is important to me, but so is my hair's health as well. LOL!  The picture above states that if you are still pretty after working out then you did it wrong.  Well, I believe that there's a way to still be somewhat cute after a hard work out, so let the challenge begin!

This past Monday I began a fitness challenge to exercise daily.  I've purchased an electric exercise bike and I  ride it daily for 45 minutes on moderate (levels 1 - 3).  Next week, I will move the levels up to 4 - 6  and increase my levels weekly. I'm doing 60 sit ups and twenty push ups daily. 


"If you still look pretty when you're done, you did it wrong", but I still want my hair to look decent when I'm done. I don't have time to redo it after every workout. The only style I know of at this time to achieve a decent look after a workout is box braids.  I don't like box braids on me, but I will sport these over the next month since I am on a braid/twist challenge until 3/31.  However, for this past week I sported twists.  I wore the hair out this day (Friday) and took a few pics.

Today (Saturday) was wash day for me and I'm currently under my hooded dryer drying my freshly done box braids.  Again, I'm not a fan of box braids on me, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to keep her hair and body looking tight!


  1. you go girl! i've been working out about 6 days a week as well. nothing intense--but it feels great!

  2. It does feel good doesn't it? It doesn't have to be intense, just the fact that you keep moving is the goal. Thanks Chica!


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