Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring is in the air! Happy Monday!

Over the weekend, we've had mid 80 degree weather and today we are having a very warm and majestic Mondayy!  Since spring is practically here, I've begun my spring cleaning and will be donating to a local charity items my family and I are no longer having a need for. 

Spring cleaning is tough and what's even tougher is letting go!  My family and I would tell ourselves, I can still use this, or I need to have this just in case.  However, my new thought process this season is this, if we haven't used it or have worn it during the past two years, it must go.  For the items we declare as keepsakes, we have a separate box we put these items in that will make their way up into the attic.  At this time, we have just 1 1/2 boxes of keepsakes, and 5 boxes of things to get rid of.  We are noticing more space becoming available and we (I'm) loving it!

Have a GREAT Monday!

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