Thursday, March 15, 2012

Worn out braid-out!

I've been MIA for a whileWell, in my last two posts I mentioned that I began a workout challenge and decided to wear my hair in braids for ease and as my protective style of choice.  My braids held up pretty well even with all of the sports activities I was involved in over the past two weeks (well...week and a half)! Didn't take an image of the braids before I removed them to wear out, but below are images of my braid-out that was a few days old.  I have more of a textured look with the braid-out, which I somewhat like, but I still favor my twist-out instead.  However, for longevity when working out, braids will be my staple protective style of choice.

We've had a lot of rain this week, which makes for very warm and humid days.  My braid-out held up pretty well, but I would re-braid nightly to combat the "afro" affect.  Wearing my hair in an afro this past week was not the look I was going for.  Another time, perhaps, but not this week.  Afros and working out is not a good combination for me.

Plan to wash, condition and re-braid.  Although I'm not a fan of braids on me, I want to love them, so I'll keep up this protective style until I can appreciate it as much as I do my twists.  Let's see if I can create an updo with my braids. 

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