Friday, April 27, 2012

Pin Curls are the business!

When I was a little girl my mommy would set her hair using paper bag strips to roll up her strands and had the most beautiful head of curls when she removed them!  I didn't think of this as a possibility for my strands until I became tired of  many sleepless nights trying to wear big, plastic rollers to bed!  Now, I've never tried setting my hair on strips of paper bags, but I did try her other suggestion and that was setting my strands in pin curls.  Viola!  This method of setting my hair was a keeper!

Hair worn lose from pin curls.

Pin curls allowed me to sleep comfortably at night and if I didn't feel like removing them quite yet the next morning, I could throw on a large beanie cap or a fashion head scarf and go out to run errands without anyone knowing about the madness going on underneath. 

Pin Curls
I only took a few images when I straightened my hair a few weeks ago (remember, I had to leave to run an errand that couldn't be avoided) because I was short on time trying to complete the process upon returning home. I don't have images showing the process,  however, I did take a few images to show how I use my straightening comb and curling iron before setting my pin curls.

In the images above my hair has already been straightened, but I wanted to show how I use my straightening comb and curling iron when pressing my strands.  Also, in the images above neither the pressing comb, nor the curling iron is on.  I don't re-press or re-curl the hair after first pass.  I may touch up my edges if I feel the need, but do so with my flat iron only.

Prior to pressing, my strands are set in large two strands twists (about 8 or 10).  I'll remove one twist and comb through with a wide tooth comb then follow with a smaller comb to aid with smoothing out the strands.  On the left, after irons are heated (couple of minutes), I'll take a small section of hair and slowly (using caution) press my roots straight along my edges.  I continue passing the pressing comb through to the end of my strands (top middle).  Notice in the image above the white item used along the back of my sectioned hair as I pressed it straight.  This is soft sock.  I use it to aid in applying pressure to the comb while straightening my strands.  I use to used an old towel, but prefer the soft texture of the sock instead.  Once the strand is straightened, I proceed to use my curling iron by passing it along the entire section of hair, then begin to curl upward.

Hair is oiled lightly before creating pin curl.
After completing the straightening and curling process for my entire head, I begin the process of pin curling sections.   I use the same pattern found within my post, Roller-set, I still have Options!
I begin by taking the ends of sectioned hair and make a big circle loop.  I keep circling the loop until I reach my scalp.  Once at the scalp, I pin/hold the curl in place with a click-clack.   Because of my hair's current length, I like to make big loops.

You may find that with longer hair, your pin curls may overlap one another and this is okay.   You may also like/want to use fewer sections of hair and this is fine as well.  I like lots of body and this
routine/pattern works well for me.
Pin curls are protected and wrapped at night in a satin scarf.

When removing my pin curls, I work slowly to avoid snares.

Removing pincurls.
Hair styled using pincurls
After all clips have been removed, I follow-up by gently combing with a wide tooth comb.  Curls cascade into place with a little help with direction.  If you haven't tried pincurls, what are you waiting for?  Go for it, you won't regret it!
Loving my curls in any form!


  1. Thanks for the breakdown and pics. I really needed the visuals. Of course, your hair rocks!

  2. The final result is very pretty!


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