Friday, September 7, 2012

I love big twists!!

My favorite style to create lately is fat twists.  The style is easy to do and I can finish it rather quickly when I don't have a lot of time to spare.  The images below are after a wash and condition with no product used to set twists.

I detangle my strands using my Denman brush (purchased at Sally's Beauty Supply).  The twists are created using a grab and go method.  I've been using this method for over ten years and it works for me.  I kind of know where to place the twists from experience over the years.

Also, I don't like to see defined parts in between my twists (or braids).  The grab and go method works great in helping me achieve this.

I always sit under a hooded dryer for about 30 minutes to set my twists then allow the hair to air dry for the remainder of the day.  I never go out with a wet set of twists, nor do I go to bed with wet hair (twists will flatten over night).

Hair is dry above and product free.


  1. How do you get so little shrinkage? What do you use? I have so much shrinkage with two strand twists.

  2. Hello Marly!

    The pics within this post are images of my hair twisted and free of any product.

    Regarding shrinkage, believe me I have plenty. Notice the change in length in the images while I'm twisting my hair when wet and the length of my twists in the images when my hair is dry.

  3. Hi Asha.
    I happened on your site...
    stupid question is your natural or relax? It looks so pretty....

  4. @ Anonymous...thank you.

    Also, my hair is 100% natural.


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