Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Coffee Cake I Love You!'s been quite a while since my last post.  I've been in a rut of sorts and haven't felt much like posting.  Decided to take a mini break to gather my thoughts.  Since my last post, I began to do some soul searching and realized that my family and I were in need of a few changes.  Well I'm happy to say that the changes needed have taken place and I am elated to say that my family and I have been blessed! During this time my family and I have met some wonderful people, made some new friends, and have discovered some things about each other that have made our life here on this Earth even better!  Any change for the better is good!

I made a new friend this past month and she blessed me recently with a wonderful coffee cake to enjoy while I drink my favorite tea!

I'm a huge fan of coffee cakes (any cake actually) and tea, so thank you Grace!


  1. That is a beautiful teacup, reminds me of the one my sister gave me from Japan.

  2. Thanks and good eye ALX!

    The teacup was a gift from my korean neighbor to say thank you for helping her Mom here in the States while she was in Korea working on an assignment for her job. It was boxed as a set along with some korean tea she brought back with her. Love, love my set!


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