Thursday, October 4, 2012

A polished look!

Fall season has officially begun, however, the weather here in Texas hasn't received the memo!  These past few weeks the days have been rather warm, but the nights are somewhat cool.  This weekend we are in for a cold front...high of 55°F  and a low of 48°F .  I know that you northern girls are probably making a face right about now, but that's cold here in Texas!

In preparation for the upcoming cooler weather I have been busy shopping and preparing my look for the fall and winter seasons and I have found some great pieces and accessories to wear.  To complete my looks I have also been on the hunt for colorful nail polish.  In the past, I did not wear nail polish.  I guess I thought that since I didn't sport long nails, there was no need to use polish to "dress" them up.  Also, I thought only the young girls could get away with wearing the vibrant colors.  Wow, how my thought process has changed within these past few months.  I love wearing nail polish! I feel dainty and more feminine  wearing the pretty colors.  Colors ranging from faint beige to midnight black.   My hands stand out more and my outfits seem to come alive!

The above is my "Believe Beauty Paris" nail polish collection.  I purchased this collection at Ross.   Once I applied a few of the shades, I immediately fell in love!   I then visited several local Ross stores to purchase all that they had!  Here are the colors: Tutu,  Smoky Lilac (my favorite shade from the collection), Cupcake, Sweetheart and Aubergine.

Colorful nail polish is not just for the young girls, we "mature' girls can wear them too!

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