Monday, November 26, 2012

Straight talk...

I straighten my strands about 2 - 3 times a year and it is always done during the cooler months. The images above were taken early November (on the 2nd) and today my strands are still worn straight.  I did do a wash after wearing it straight for two weeks, then washed/conditioned and straightened again.  In the images found within this post, I will attempt to describe my method for straightening my strands.  Please know that I am not a professional stylist and in no way is my method a full proof method for straightening one's strands.  I've have been styling my own hair for over 20 years and I have learned, via trial and error, what my hair likes and dislikes.  Know that whenever using heat to style one's strands you run the risk of heat damage, so always proceed with extreme caution!

From the image above you will see that my hair was set in fat twists after my W/C.  I never blow dry my hair prior to straightening. I find that allowing my strands to air dry allows for smoother results when straightening using either my flat iron or pressing comb.
I remove a set of twists, finger comb, then straighten using my flat iron to prepare my strands for my pressing comb.  I create small horizontal parts, flat iron the strands then proceed by making another horizontal part right above the newly straightened hair and flat iron until that section is completed.  After flat ironing each section, I create a single strand twist and use alligator clips to hold into place until my entire head of hair is straightened.

What hair looks like after alligator clips are removed in preparation to use pressing comb.

Hair is divided into five sections and held into place with alligator clips.  I then proceed to use my pressing comb to achieve a smoother press without having to use high heat.  After a few sections have been pressed with the comb I then follow up with my curing iron.

After a section has been curled, I apply Omega Hair oil then I use a magnetic roller to set the curled section while it is still warm. I proceed in this manner until my entire head of hair has been set in the curlers.  I wear it this way for about 30 minutes or more then one by one I remove a curler, create a pin curl, then secure with a clip.  Hair is wrapped overnight with a satin scarf.

Here are the results after pin curls are removed and hair is combed with an extra wide tooth comb.  I'm not one for stick straight hair.  I live in Texas and we like to do things big and that includes my hair!


  1. OMGosh, such long, beautiful, and healthy looking hair. I love it. I need to wear my hair in more twists as a protective style. Well, I just wanted to compliment you on your beautiful hair.

  2. Your hair came out beautifully! I've been playing around with pin curls, but no matter what I seem to try I still get bends in my curls. Any advice about that would be great!

  3. @NoLongerSilent, thanks for the wonderful comment! @Courtnea2001, what are you using to secure your pin curls? I use to use large bobby pins, but have found that using the "click-clacks" above work best for my pin curls. Also, hopefully you can see/tell in the images, I pin/secure from the inside of my curl out.

  4. Your hair came out gorgeous! I would love to get my hair flat iron again. I got my hair flat iron at too groovy about 4 years hair was so shiny and silky. After looking at your pics I might build up the courage to flat iron my hair myself soon. Thanks for the pin curl "click-clacks" advise as well. I'll check back if I really go through with it...

  5. Your hair is so full and gorgeous. I love pin curls and will have to try your advice on using "click-clacks" instead of bobby pins. I think piining from the inside is a great idea!


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