Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Personalize it!

Personalized Ornaments done at home
Wanted to try something new this year and create my own Christmas tree ornaments.   I used wired ribbons, metallic paint pens and stickers to create my lil' treasures!  Since I can't draw, I also used stencils to paint bells, wreaths, etc... Although I made these for myself, these would make wonderful gifts to give to family and friends and they're quick to make.

I also made ornaments with the names of all of my immediate family members, and after my son's marry and have kids of their own, I will use this same idea to create new ornaments naming the new loved ones that have joined our family to celebrate and show them how much they are loved!
Peace, Love and Joy!
I purchased my items from Hobby Lobby, Joann Fabrics and Michael's.

Blue Ornaments - Purchased from Walmart and used the smooth textured bulbs only
Red, Gold and Off White Ornaments - Purchased from the Dollar Tree

*Hint* - You can also purchased frosted ornaments from Hobby Lobby to decorate

Paint Pen - Tree House Paint Marker - Hobby Lobby - Love! ($3.47)
Paint Pen - Krylon Pale Gold Leafing Pen - Joann's Fabric - Love! ($4.00 after using save 50% store coupon)
Paint Pen - Krylon Silver Leafing Pen - Joann's Fabric- Love! ($4.00 after using save 50% store coupon)
Wired Ribbon - Gold and Silver spools - Michael's - Love! ($1.99)
Martha Stewart Stencil - Michael's - Not bad, but would probably work better with paint instead of pens - ($4.99).  Also, the ornaments I used were a bit small for the size of these stencils, so it made it difficult to fit the stencil on the ball for a smooth/uniform image.

So give this DIY a try!  I'm sure many of you are great artists and can probably create some new and wonderful designs that you, your family and loved ones will enjoy!

Peace and Blessings!

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