Saturday, December 22, 2012

Wash Day!

Here in Texas I live in an area that has hard water and since I do not have a water softening system within my home, I wash my strands using heated distilled water.  I'll either wash my hair while bent over my kitchen sink, or I'll take several jugs of heated distilled water and place them on the bench within my shower and wash my strands while taking a shower.   Either method takes a while longer than just washing my strands while in the shower (using hard water), but my end results are well worth it!  I'm able to detangle my strands easier and thus loose a lot less hair. I also experience less shedding in between washings.  Simply put, hard water and my strands don't mix.  My hair always suffers after using hard water to wash and condition my strands and as women (some) get older, they tend to experience thinning hair and I don't plan to help this process along in any way AT ALL!

Regardless of where I wash my strands, I always wash my hair in sections (2 - 4).  I wash and rinse a section then secure, then repeat this for all sections. After shampooing I then repeat this same process when conditioning my strands.

I apply shampoo to my scalp and deep massage the shampoo on my scalp.  I then began squeezing the shampoo down along the length of my hair while gently finger combing.

Left: Shampoo moved along the length of the section. Right: First section twisted
then secured, moving toward new section in back
I used a paddle brush to detangle my strands and I love using it!  The hair in my hand is from both using the brush to detangle my strands and after twisting my hair.  Minimal hair loss is always fabulous!  If I had washed my hair in hard water I would have lost a great deal more than what is pictured above, a GREAT deal more.
I failed to trim my ends while wearing my hair straight, so my plan to wear fat twists has been delayed.  For this go around I chose to wear small two strand twists and after each twist was created, I trimmed 1/4" of hair.  My ends feel great!

I'll wear these for about two weeks then rock a twist-out.  I'll post later more detailed images on this method the next time I wash my son's hair, so until then... 


  1. Your twists look absolutely yummy!

  2. I am so thrilled that I found your blog! I have a daughter with beautiful hair that I want to take care of properly and teach her to embrace and love her curls. I recently heard about using distilled water and coconut oil. Through my research on distilled water, I stumbled upon your blog. I especially like the photos, as I am a visual learner. I will be reading more of your blogs and asking lots of questions as I begin to practice with her hair.


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