Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hair Babble...

Wanted to post a quick shot of my do before I shampoo and condition my strands.  Fat twists have been my staple style as of late.  Also, I've adopted the technique of washing my strands while in twists.  I find that the time it takes to wash and detangle has shorten quite a bit and I LOVE IT!

I also lose less hair with this technique when I detangle which is always an added plus.


  1. Yes, your patience with your hair has surely paid off, it has also encouraged us natural girls to keep hope for our hair as well! I will continue to follow you, and sticking with your regimens! All the best Asha, and I'm loving your products!! :


  2. Thanks Cynthia! Also, I'm happy to hear that you are enjoying your goodies. All the best to you as well. :0)

  3. Those are some beautiful twist. Your hair is so thick!!

  4. Thank you Bianca! I'm doing all that I can to keep them that way! LOL!!!


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