Monday, August 5, 2013

Quick Shot of my do!

I mentioned in an earlier post that my staple style for the summer was fat twists.  Here is a quick shot of my twists removed and worn out.  Wash day for my hair is long overdue, but I didn't have time to wash and re-style for the event I was attending, so I "made it work" for my twist-out!

What I see is not bad, but I know that it could have looked better. My ends are a bit limp and dry (this Texas heat!!).  Sometimes you have to make do with your do.  Wash day is this Friday, so in the mean time, I'll try to create styles to get me through until I wash.


  1. Looks nice and thick to me! I know, we're usually our own worst critics but, I like the "loose waves" your fat twists created for you. :)


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